N-ply Polwarth Wool















The weather last week by me was cold, dank, and dreary. I needed an extra cheerful spinning project. I pulled out this Polwarth wool I bought last summer from Woolgatherings on etsy. The colors remind me of summer melon and inspire me to look forward to the upcoming change in seasons. After completing this project I think I can say that I’ve mastered the n-ply, or Navajo-plying, technique. This technique involves crochet-chaining your singles while the wheel spins, and yields a 3-ply yarn from a single strand.

In the past I’ve struggled with finding the rhythm of the technique and ended up with entirely too much twist in the finished yarn. When I changed my drafting pattern from forward from my body to the orifice to sideways across the body and at right-angles to the orifice, everything sort of fell into place. I look forward to trying this technique again, going for a skinnier singles aimed at sock yarn. And yet again, I learned that Polwarth blooms a lot after the good old soak and whack.

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