Sidelines Top
I knit the Sidelines Top by Lou Schiela in Gedifra Cotton/Merino, a nice yarn with beautiful stitch definition that made me swear and cuss at how splitty it was (seriously it has like a million plies). The result was worth it though!

I can’t believe this project sat dormant for nearly four years! I started on it back in 2008 and had finished everything but the crochet edging at the neck, waist and sleeves. I just couldn’t get the hang of the backwards crochet motion (I think the last time I did any crochet was in about the fourth grade.) Add to that that I had a hard time finishing up the edging so that it both laid flat and didn’t leave giant holes in the existing stitching. I wonder if the test knit yarns did a better job of filling in those holes? Some aggressive steam blocking eventually made the edging lay down, but that alone took me six hours to finish because the crochet went so slowly. Overall though I’m pleased with the way the bias knitting and curved seams make a garment with a pleasant shape. I anticipate wearing this often now that it’s finally finished.

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